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New SEC Marketing Rule is a

Game Changer.

For years, financial advisors couldn’t use testimonials in their marketing. That’s changed.

The SEC now allows investment advisors to request and publicly use client testimonials. Vidiance blends professional-quality video testimonials with rigorous compliance oversight to help advisors establish genuine credibility.

Seeing and hearing clients will form an immediate connection and build trust faster. Advisors can now engage, educate, and inspire prospects like never before using video.

Increase your competitive edge.

Turn Referrals into Clients

A seamless process designed exclusively for financial advisors.

Remote Video

Capture professional quality video remotely from anywhere without the need for an in-person video crew.

Expert Video

Our virtual team of professional directors and interviewers ensure the best content, visuals, and storytelling.


Our compliance experts provide meticulous oversight ensuring a seamless approval process.

Video Editing

Our experienced  video editors transform the footage into stories that engage and resonate with prospective clients.


Our marketing strategies help you get your videos seen by your ideal clients online and offline.

What Clients say about Vidiance

Advisors Having Great Experience

Hear what other financial advisors had to say about their experience working with Vidiance.

“Our video testimonial not only enhances trust but also offers immense return on investment. Most new business for financial advisors comes from referrals, making these testimonials invaluable.”

“Vidiance’s seamless process and professional team created a top-quality video testimonial that captured the essence of my client relationships. It’s been a game-changer for attracting new clients to my practice.”

“Vidiance’s client testimonial video process is impressively seamless, with rigorous compliance oversight. The final video, produced in under a week, exceeded expectations. It’s an invaluable marketing investment, already showing returns.”

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Leverage client testimonials and the SEC’s new marketing rule for growth

Leverage client testimonials and the SEC’s new marketing rule for growth