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Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about Vidiance

Getting video testimonials from customers is so valuable for a business. It allows a prospect to see and hear a customer share their experience working with you and the value you provide. But getting a video testimonial can be difficult. Until now, a customer would either have to take time out of their work day to go to a studio or agree to have a video production company come to their office. This is a huge inconvenience for your customer. Time is a person’s most valuable commodity. If you want to get a customer to agree to a video testimonial you need to make the process fast and easy.

At Remote Video Testimonials, we offer a fast, easy, and affordable solution for getting professional quality customer video testimonials without an in-person video crew. Using our own proprietary remote video production service we are able to interview your customers anywhere in the USA and internationally in just 30 minutes and produce a high-quality edited 90-second customer video testimonial for just a few hundred dollars.

Any business that has customers and is interested in a faster, more effective way to acquire new customers would benefit from customer video testimonials. When a prospect can see and hear the results another customer had, it builds instant trust and confidence in the outcome they can expect.

You can pay us through Venmo, Zelle, ACH transfer, check or credit card.

We can schedule an interview with your customer within 72 hours of you placing your order. And you will receive the edited video within 7 to 10 business days.

All of our video testimonial shoots are interview-based. That means that our professional interviewer is remotely asking questions of your customer through our mobile app. 

The key to a great video testimonial is a great story. And you get a great story by knowing what questions to ask. An interview is a dynamic process which requires someone who knows how to ask follow up questions to help uncover the most compelling story possible.

Typically, our clients love the first edited version of their video testimonial and don’t require any revisions. But if you want, we include two rounds of revisions.

Yes. In our Deluxe and Premium video testimonial packages, we will provide you with all the raw video footage from the shoot. You can use this footage to create other video testimonials, social media content and use for market research.

If you have existing photographs or video footage, we will include the first 4 pieces of content in your edit for no additional cost. If there is more you want to add, there may be an additional cost.

Because people have a short attention span, we try to keep a customer video testimonial to between 90 and 120 seconds. This means we are only using about 15% of the footage shot. With our Deluxe and Premium packages we will also include the raw video footage for you to use to create other video content.

Yes, absolutely. Our remote video production service can be used to create personal profile videos. Instead of interviewing a customer, we can interview a business owner or employees to tell their story and your business. 

Remote Video Testimonials is our most popular service but remote video production can be used for a variety of applications including personal profile videos, FAQ videos, corporate communications, how-to videos, behind the scenes video, and much more. Schedule a call with one of our video marketing consultants to find out how remote video can help you in your business.

Typically if you want professional quality video content, you would hire a local video production company. They would bring a crew including a videographer, gaffer, sandman, director, and producer and all the necessary equipment including HD video cameras, lighting equipment and sound gear. And you would have to hire them for the entire day regardless of how much video you need shot.

With remote video production it is now possible to capture professional quality video without the cost or logistics associated with an in-person video production crew. Now thanks to smartphones, tablets, mobile apps, and the internet, it is now possible to hire a virtual video production crew to help you capture video whenever you want and wherever you want.

Unlike hiring an in-person crew, you can hire them for as little as an hour or all day if you want so it makes capturing professional quality video possible for any and all businesses no matter what their budget.

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